"Specializing in couples, families, adolescents and group therapy. "

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For 20 years now clients have been coming through my doors to seek consultation on how to work through their life crisis. They come for many different reasons: They feel down, unmotivated, anxious, in pain about a loss or some transitional moment in their family, career/business or personal life. They come because their marriage or primary relationship has gotten stuck or is teetering on the edge, heats up into mean fights, or stays too cool and lacks passion and life.

As clients begin to tell about their immediate crisis, I work to understand and gain a deeper understanding of their unfolding story in the context of their lives. My goals are to help create a highly trusting and reliable go to relationship. I help my clients face any of life's inevitable crucial, and sometimes irreversible decisions or crossroads in their lives.

I strive to create a strong and healthy therapeutic relationship that helps the client find their own inner resources to help them sort through the pertinent factors, including personal conflicts, relationship crossroads, business dilemmas to make crucial decisions with maximal clarity. I emphasize the client/therapist relationship where I place a premium on helping my clients come to terms with how they relate to others.

In this model my relationship with my clients takes the foreground. The therapy relationship becomes an arena to communicate, open up about feelings, examine how disagreements are worked through, trust is engendered, empathy and compassion are held or not. As the work deepens clients are helped to see how they get triggered, and how they live with their reactivities.

I use my professional and personal skills to become an advocate for my clients. In this a rare and special set of circumstances emerge in which all of the most relevant aspects of my client's stories can be taken into account and my client is helped to make decisions based on integrity. When successful the work helps my clients take more responsibility for their own thoughts, experiences, feelings and reactions. My clients create more degrees of freedom in how they choose to deal with complex and difficult situations in their lives. Reciprocal opportunities come to be for both my clients and me to feel more and more empowered.