I am a licensed

Therapist in Maryland

Specializing in couples, families, adolescents and group therapy.

Welcome to my private practice. This is the place where the magic happens. I have spent my professional and personal life committed to learning, training, practicing how best to be in a relationship that can make a very big and positive difference in peoples’ lives. A very firm and consistent boundary is placed around this relationship to make sure that it is contained in a space that instantly becomes sacred. I seek to work with people who are eager to get relief from most all of the modern ailments in our culture: Anxiety, depression, relationship issues, family troubles, addictions, loss. Usually this is where the journey starts, often it can move into other more expansive spaces beyond the immediate entanglements.

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How to have a clean fight in your relationship

There are countless books, essays, articles and blogs written about how to have a healthy relationship.  Hopefully, this one will be very direct – like a lazer beam as it gets right to the heart of the matter:  How to have a clean fight.  Couples that know how to fight well have good make-up sex. In order to discuss how…

Life is a series of transition for which we have no language

Our modern culture has created a new and complex set of circumstances that make the transition from childhood to independent adult a longer, and more difficult process.  Young adults, especially men, are struggling more then ever to create career and life paths for themselves. As a young adult you may look back on childhood with great appreciation for its exceptional…

The Family and The Business

Many families in business together often wonder what the advantages might be to concern themselves with the dynamics of their family.  The business and the family issues are often viewed separately. In fact the culture of business is often linear, disciplined, goal oriented, bottom-line driven.  The drive of the business is to tackle problems by first organizing them into manageable…

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