Relationship Scale

Most couples will attest to how when things are going well in the relationship that they feel great.  The future looks bright, they feel joy, hope and a strong sense of belonging.

While these positive dimensions of the relationship are vital for a good-life, and a strong future it is actually a minor key.  The major key comes down to how well a couple works through disagreements.  Whether decisions are big, or small the ability to work through differing perspectives, or points of view are the true determining factors for a relationship to have a chance at lasting success.

I call this the tough stuff.  Most relationships are vulnerable to disintegration, rupture, alienation, deadness if couples do not find a way to be closer, no matter what the disagreements might be.   

Here is a brief scale that touches in on some of the most important ingredients in how you and your partner may relate to each other when working through the tough stuff.  Take a moment and sign up, take this brief inventory and see how well your couple deals with making decisions especially tough ones.

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